Why Self-publish?

Why should you self-publish your book?

There are several good reasons:

(1) You don’t waste time and energy looking for a hard-to-find literary agent – most large publishing houses only allow you to contact them through an agent.

(2) You don’t have to deal with a traditional publishing house – wasting time, energy and money trying to convince a large publisher to take on your book and then waiting two years or longer for the book to be issued.

(3) You retain control over your vision for the books (its content, length and form) – nearly all publishers will insist on editorial changes to suit their perception of what would be best.

(4) You control the price at which your book will be sold.

(5) You receive a much greater share of the income from the sales of you book, and all the profits are yours to keep.

(6) You decided the outlets in which your book will be sold – nowadays more than half of all books are sold through outlets (such as supermarkets, newsagents and kiosks) that are not bookstores but most large publishers tend to ignore these outlets.

(7) You can control any revisions you feel are necessary to keep your book up-to-date after it has been published.

(8) You can easily repackage your book (eg, by changing the cover) to improve sales if you feel this is necessary.

(9) You can let sales build slowly – very often large publishers do not give a book enough time to become established before they pull it off the shelves.

(10) You retain the copyright and future publication rights

Self-publishing may be the only option for writers on very specialised topics … such as bee-keeping in Outer Mongolia … as certain types of books can never find main-stream publishers.

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