A few Testimonials from our clients

From David Hegarty

A couple of months ago, I had the daunting prospect of having my book converted into E-format. After several enquiries, I was fortunate enough to find Paul Kennedy.

After a half hour meeting, what had been a deep and mysterious problem had been resolved to a simple, doable and very attractive proposition. This help and clarity was carried on into the entire process.

At no time was any of my non technical background, and for that matter, my non interest in things technical, in any way dismissed, so that I was made feel perfectly comfortable and at ease with queries.

Paul is a patient man, can break down the jargon to intelligible English, and is direct about what can and cannot be done. There is no ambiguity about delivery, what’s possible, and how to best exploit whatever promotional aspects the internet offers.

As an author who’s selling his own published work steadily, I’d recommend him unreservedly to anyone who’s dipping his or her toe in the water of self-publishing.

David Hegarty
Dynamic Health


From Denis Fahey

Dear Paul,

Now that my e-book A Factbook of Irish History has been published, I would like to acknowledge your work in taking the raw Word document I gave you and bringing the project to fruition.

You did everything you promised and it was a pleasure to work with you.

I suppose that the best reference is the book itself but if you want to give my e-mail address or my mobile number to potential clients, I am happy for you to do so.

With kind regards,

Denis Fahey (www.irishhistoryfactbook.com)


From Hazel Elizabeth Camper

I am so excited! I am just about to publish my first book thanks to Paul Kennedy and Thorn Island Publishing. I had been procrastinating for years over some photos and words I had put together as a powerpoint. Paul said “You have GOT to do it”.

So I sent it to him. Hours of guidance over several months and nine versions later it is actually going ahead as the first in a series of phonic text books for primary children.

Inspired by my visits to Derby arboretum, ar in the park underpins the fundamental principles of the new national curriculum. Please do judge this book by its cover! And there are more to come – thanks to Paul Kennedy and Thorn Island Publishing.

Kind regards

Hazel Elizabeth


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