Publishing Services

Our Publishing Services for Independent Authors

Thorn Island offers a full range of publishing services for writers who wish to self-publish their own e-books or use print-on-demand. These include:

Proofreading: text that is full of errors will annoy the reader and create a very bad impression. We can check your finished text to ensure that the spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax are correct. We will also check that artwork and illustrations are correctly placed in relation to the text.

Editing: the structure, organisation and content of your copy must be internally consistent in order to convey your story or message properly. In addition, the writing style used must be consistent throughout. We can use our extensive experience as editors to prepare your book for publication; though, of course, we would not make any changes without your express permission.

Cover design: to attract readers a well-designed cover is absolutely essential. We will ensure that the design of your book’s cover reaches the highest standards of professional graphics.

File formats: e-books are created in a variety of formats. To ensure that your book can be bought and read on a wide range of e-readers, you must make it available in the differing file formats, especially in PDF, Mobi and Epub. We can create these files from your original MS Word file through our access to special generating software.

POD formats: print-on-demand books require files that are in Adobe’s portable document format. We can typeset and generate the required PDF files on your behalf.

Uploading: e-books have to be uploaded to the e-bookshops or internet websites from which they will be sold. We can upload you book to Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, the Diesel eBook Store, Kobo, the Sony Reader Store, and many more.

POD uploading: print-ready PDF files need to be uploaded to sites that sell, print and deliver POD books. We can also upload the PDF files on your behalf.

Website: having a one-page website for each book you create can significantly boost sales – provided your website has been optimised for the search engines and the copy on your landing page is persuasive. At Thorn Island we can create your book sale website.

You can choose from these services as you see fit. For example, you can just avail of our proof-reading services and then, once your book is ready, carry out the file conversion and uploading activities yourself.

To find out more about our services or for free no-obligation advice on self-publishing from Thorn Island, you can contact us as follows:

Telehone: from Ireland: 087-4163688 or from other countries: +353-87-4163688

Email: or or